SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL
SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL

MidiQuest 10 XL, Editor MIDI from SoundQuest.

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songboy 02/12/2011

SoundQuest MidiQuest 10 XL : Recensione di songboy (content in English)

"A must have for the Midi Studio"

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I run this on a Macbook Pro with a RME Fireface 800 interface. I have had no compatibility issues so far running this software. I have not tried using any of the VST options, I have only used it as a stand alone program to edit my old "hard to edit" synthesizers. The manual is very clear and sufficient. I read it cover to cover as the setup and use of this program can be a little confusing and daunting. After a few days of use, I became fairly comfortable with the interface and can get some amazing sounds out of these old dusty synths. All the main features and options are easily found in the GUI or under the menus found above the program.


Yes, again, I use it only as a stand alone program to edit my Roland D-110 and my Yamaha FB-01. So far there has been no crashes or lost presets (that one is extremely important). I give it a 10 out of 10 for performance as I never thought I could have this kind of flexible control over my old synths. It really opens up so much creativity as I use to use these old synths for there stock sounds, which aren't very good really (fun for some dance sounds) but now I use these synths all the time. I have been using MidiQuest XL for about 3 months now.


What I like most about it is simply the fact that you can control every parameter on you old synth from the ease of a well put together (slightly confusing at first) GUI on your computer. Saving these presets (or sysex dumps) is also awesome. This way I have no limit of sounds I can create on my old synths. For the price of a nice virtual synth, I was able to find new love for old gear. I think that's great and I was happy to pay it. This is the only software of this kind that I have ever used. Yes, I would definitely make the same choice again.