Power Tab v1.x
Power Tab v1.x

v1.x, Editor di tablature from Power Tab.

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mooseherman 27/04/2010

Power Tab v1.x : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This software is a digitized program for writing guitar tablature. This is a pretty basic program, and I highly doubt that anybody would have a compatibility issue with it. I know for sure that it works with Windows and Mac OSX. The downloadable instruction manual makes the program pretty easy to use. There is pretty much just a simple download and install process, there isn't much in the way of setup. All of the regular functions that are necessary to run this program are built-in to most computers.


The software has never given me a problem. There really isn't much gear that needs to be used in this configuration, so I'd say that really, it's a matter of the computer working correctly. The performance that I've been getting out of the program is fine, it's pretty much exactly as it was described when I first saw it. I used this thing for a few years, about 2, when I was in high school, but I really don't use it much anymore.


I don't really like this software anymore, but that is mainly because I really have no need to use it. When I was in high school, and really into progressive rock, there were a bunch of these powertabs online of groups like Yes and Dream Theater. In order to play their songs, I really needed the powertabs to see exactly what was going on. Eventually my musical ear developed more and I stopped listening to overly technical prog-rock (thank god) and I was able to learn almost everything by ear. At this point I will only use a lead sheet if I can't figure a tune out on my own, and these instances are rare. Basically, this program is only as useful as you make it. If you have no musical ear, aren't all that familiar with chords, and can't read notation, than this is probably a good tool for you. However, unless you are an extremely devoted fanboy of certain bands and don't mind taking the time to tediously program the tablature into the computer, expect to get frustrated to no end. Trying to make my own tabs is what eventually turned me off to the whole software. This is really only useful if you are listening to really technical music, or just have no ear at all.