Celemony Melodyne Uno
Celemony Melodyne Uno

Melodyne Uno, Editor Audio Digitale from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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JeffTadashi 15/05/2012

Celemony Melodyne Uno : Recensione di JeffTadashi (content in English)


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Celemony's Melodyne Uno was my first real introduction to vocal pitch correction, and Celemony takes a very unique approach to this field. With controls over pitch, formant, amplitude, and timing, Melodyne lets you deep edit vocal audio data in a way that no regular audio editor could do. When loading a vocal track, Melodyne analyzes the pitch and timing of the data, and lays it out in a very visual, note-scaled track. It's almost as if your audio data has been turned into midi, and it can be edited just like moving around midi notes in a DAW. My clicking on certain words or phrases, you can edit the timing, change the pitch, change the volume, and more. It also includes an auto-correct function, which will automatically fix the pitches and pitch drifting to a certain degree, in which you can set. I find myself using this the most, and then I would listen back to the track and make sure the pitches were changed correctly. Often, if the vocal track singing is poor, Melodyne doesn't know which way to pull the off-tune note (up or down).


Melodyne does have the capability to auto correct timing, and the ability to recognize keys and scales, but I never found myself needed those. I'm not sure how Melodyne could figure out time signature data and where the measures start and end from the vocal track alone, but I never tried getting it to work.

Occasionally, when working with vocal tracks with a lot of grit and intensity (such as heavy rock and screaming music), Melodyne can’t recognize the pitch, and sometimes it recognizes the pitch, but in the wrong octave. This causes some clicks and artifacts, and it can be frustrating, because the only real way around it is to re-record the vocals and try processing it again. Hopefully, Celemony has updated their algorithms so it can track this sort of singing a bit better.


Overall, Melodyne Uno is a wonderful product that I use almost exclusively for all my pitch correcting needs for vocals. It can work miracles with all sorts of singers, and it gets that perfect vocal track that music today demands.