Vic Firth American Custom SD9 driver
Vic Firth American Custom SD9 driver

American Custom SD9 driver, Drum Stick from Vic Firth.

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FateFelledVictim 18/10/2008

Vic Firth American Custom SD9 driver : Recensione di FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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If I had to say that there was a perfect drum stick, then I would have to ay that it is the Vic Firth SD9 Driver. Perfect weight, durable and great sounding. I have used these sticks for about 2 months. They have some minor chips and dings, but are holding up remarkably well, seeing as I broke 3 pairs of Vader sticks in a week. I play in a metal band that has fast blaze beats, break beats and power beats, and these have taken it all. These sticks are the perfect balance of power and feel.

I have used a wide variety of sticks, as many other drummers have, searching for the perfect drum sticks. I have used the Extreme 5As (also really good), the Vinnie Paul Signatures, another odd Signature model, Steve Gadd Signatures, Zildjian Black Dip sticks, Vader 5As and 7As, and these blow all of them away. These Drivers have a far better feel than half of those, and those that match its feel, fall short on power. The Drivers are alos far more durable than any of the Zildjian, Vader and Promark sticks I have used.

The tip of the stick allows quick maneuvering while do Ride cymbal fills and hihat fills. It also gives the drums more volume than other sticks. The rest of the stick has enough body to produce loud crashes and booms when needed. The price is very reasonable, as half of the sticks listed above cost more than these because there is a name on them.

For the time it takes to find the perfect drum stick, it is almost a hassle in which you would rather settle for a 2nd grade drum stick rather than play with your own set masterpiece. This stick was mine and it made a huge difference on my playing . I would save your time and money going through other drum sticks and just give the SD9 Drivers a shot. They are the most amazing drum stick in my book.