Gibraltar Intruder 9611DD-DB
Gibraltar Intruder 9611DD-DB

Intruder 9611DD-DB, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Gibraltar.

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Audiofanzine FR 10/12/2008

Gibraltar Intruder 9611DD-DB : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by etiennepoumtchak/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

I've been using this pedal for one year. I previously used a double DW4000 and a dual-chain Tama Iron-cobra.

Compared with both other pedals, I find the Gibraltar feels very light especially the direct drive model (the dual-chain model feels much heavier under your foot).

People often say there is no energy loss with this system, meaning that all the energy you give to the pedal is transferred directly to the bass drum. And that's exactly what I feel!

The large foot plate follows every movement you make... Is it the direct drive effect?

But surely not everyone will like this lightness. People who want heavier pedals where you can clearly feel the plate under your foot won't like it (the DW gave me this impression).

I think Gibraltar developed this pedal for heavy metal drummers who play fast because the lightness helps you maintain the speed without a sweat. I don't recommend this pedal for other music styles except for jazz club drummers who lay their foot down flat because they will be able to control it effortlessly. All other drummers better choose a DW (I find the 5000 model feels very nice).

Someone recommended me to change the spring for a harder one but I haven't tried this option.

As a summary, this pedal is no universal tool but it is a delight for wild double bass drum players who can't afford an Axis or Tricks (the lightest pedals I've ever played).

Personally, I wouldn't buy this pedal again (but I'm not a double bass drum freak).