ProCo Sound RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley
ProCo Sound RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley

RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley, Distorsione/Overdrive/Fuzz per chitarra from ProCo Sound.

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VishNuRoXoUt 01/12/2011

ProCo Sound RAT 2 - Modded by Keeley : Recensione di VishNuRoXoUt (content in English)

"The mods didn't really gel with my rig."

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The Rat 2 modded by Keeley is like any other rat, 1/4" input and output, volume knob, filter, knob and gain knob. The Keeley mods give it a BOSS style 2.1mm 9VDC jack which is very convenient. Then it adds a 3-way switch. This essentially turns it into 3 pedals. The "Mighty Mouse", the "Phat" Rat and a Regular Rat. The Rats are pretty much fortresses of pedals. One of the most appealing things I've ever seen about any pedal, the rat feels like it will withstand a bombing. It's rugged and has good weight. Great for self defense. haha.


Keeley ships the modded rats out with a nice write up about the mods. Very easy to understand what was done and why it sounds the way it does. Really easy to understand. The three knobs are very familiar, very simple configuration. No issues there.


Where the mods take a turn against the benefits of my rig. I run a Sunn Spectrum I and a Mesa Three-Quarter 2x12 cabinet. Both are very, very bassy by nature and with the added bass response and everything that comes with the cap changes keeley does, it makes it virtually impossible for the rat to cut through in a mix. I find it's much better for bass than it is for guitar. For bass it makes a killer distortion. Some of the nicest I've heard. I'm really basing this review on how it works for guitar, but I'll still rate it kind of high because it really opens up when used with a bass.


Obviously, for me, it definitely has its flaws. I feel like overdrives and distortions are a really sensitive subject when it comes to guitar players because there are so many flavours. This one is certainly not for me. I would definitely recommend it hands down for bass, but for guitar I'd recommend you give it a shot with your rig before you go buying one. They are priced really reasonably and they are built like tanks. There are no real sound issues, they are great. Definitely just not for me.