Fulltone Distortion Pro
Fulltone Distortion Pro
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tjon901 27/05/2011

Fulltone Distortion Pro : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"A modern boutique distortion pedal"

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According to Fulltones website this pedal produces the greatest high gain sound you can imagine. From Brian May to Boston, Holdsworth to Eric Johnson. The sound is dripping with harmonics and soul. Layered shades of dirty, crunch, bluesy and it will still clean up well. The pedal has Volume, Distortion, Resonance, Voicing, High end and Saturation controls. Standard Fulltone features such as LED with true-bypass switching along with 9V DC receptacle jack are here in the Distortion Pro as well. The Distortion Pro utilizes a very clever battery hatch for battery replacement.


The box is a little wider than a typical MXR style box. The two main control knobs are for the Volume and Distortion. Under those two knobs there are 4 smaller knobs for the REsonance, Voicing, High end and Saturation. The Resonance knob controls the bass frequencies. The Voicing knob controls the midrange. The High end knob will boost or cut the high end of course. The Saturation adds or removes extra clipping and sustain and helps you dial in the amount of warmth of the tone you want. The smaller knobs are kinda hard to turn and difficult to adjust on the fly The quality and build construction are top notch.


The pedal does exactly what the Fulltone website says. The user manual comes with some suggested settings. There is a "Brown Sound" setting with smooth gain and a punchy attack. This is a great all around hard rock setting. This pedal will sound good with any setup.


Everyone who knows about this pedal wants it. There is a long waiting list to try and get one of these from Fulltone. If you see one on the used market you should buy it immediately then hit the previous owner for selling it. If you want a pedal that can do hard rock to blues or even your own unique tone this is it. It has everything it has the smoothness and sustain with the punchy attack you need. This pedal is for you.