Emma Electronic PY-1 PisdiYAUwot
Emma Electronic PY-1 PisdiYAUwot

PY-1 PisdiYAUwot, Distorsione/Overdrive/Fuzz per chitarra from Emma Electronic.

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tjon901 16/12/2011

Emma Electronic PY-1 PisdiYAUwot : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Sharp and Tight metal pedal"

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Emma Electronic is a Danish pedal company putting out some semi-boutique pedals for many different types of music. They have some very modern and unique ideas when it comes to pedal construction. The Pisdiyauwot pedal from Emma Electronics is a pedal designed specifically for metal. The name is a Danish word for a thing you do not know the name of or cant remember. The PY-1 combines the features of many other pedals into a metal centric design. It takes the gain and overdrive from classic overdrive pedals and the fuzz from classic fuzz pedals and wraps it up in a package that is tight in the low end so it works for fast heavy metal. It does all this with great clarity so it doesnt get muddy like a lot of super high gain pedals.


This pedal has some familiar features and some unfamiliar features. The knobs on the face of the pedal are pretty simple. On the left there is a Level knob that controls the overall level of the pedal and on the right there is a gain knob to control the overall gain. In the middle are the low mids and high EQ knobs. The chassis has sturdy construction. It is a simple box design so it can stand up to some punishment. The flat top on the pedal means you may accidentally adjust some knobs with your foot when you go to activate the pedal. Even though the pedal says true bypass on the face the manual says it isnt. Emma Electonics says their "untrue" bypass method is better than a mechanical true bypass method.


With all the knobs about on 5 and the level on 3-4 you get a tight punchy overdrive sound. This sound has kind of Pantera sound. Not super thick but tight in the low end. If you keep the level on 4 and dime the mids and the highend along with the gain you get a really over the top sound. It kind of sounds like early 90s hardcore depending on your tuning the high end might be too much as always dial to taste. With the gain on about 3 you get a more 80s style tone. Think Def Leppoard or something like that. Overall the pedal has a super sharp and tight attack. It can sound thin at times if you are use to modern levels of gain saturation.


This pedal isnt very expensive either. Handmade in Denmark even something this exotic is pretty affordable in the realm of distortion pedals. It is a unique pedal and something different if you are looking to avoid the same old boxes everyone else has. If you are looking for a pedal that can do tight and chunky old school metal tones this is a good pedal for you. You wont find anyone else at the gig with this pedal on their board.