DOD FX55 Supra Distortion
DOD FX55 Supra Distortion

FX55 Supra Distortion, Distorsione/Overdrive/Fuzz per chitarra from DOD.

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heads on fire 24/10/2011

DOD FX55 Supra Distortion : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Eh. It's pretty much junk."

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1/4 inch in and out
metal housing
terrible stomp switch of plastic crappiness
level, tone, and gain controls
9v battery or plug in powered


This pedal is junk. I'll just be blunt about it, no bones about it, no beating around the bush - it is pure trash. Filth, rubbish, slime, muck. Yes, it can make your signal dirty. But it imparts so much hiss to the sound, with a cheap, ratty, nasty distorted tone that Link Wray would even turn his nose up at. It doesn't saturate like it should, the tone control just muddies up the sound more, and the switch is utter garbage. This pedal would be a better paperweight than a sound processing unit.

If you want people to boo you, this is the best thing you can plug in. It sounds like terrible blended with awful and topped with no good.


Sound quality is horrid. This sounds like you've stepped on the "garbage disposal" switch upon use. Turn up the tone, and you get "horror movie chainsaw death". Turn it down, and you get "muffled chloroform screams". If they would have marketed this pedal just like the last 3 sentences (aka - "honestly") then this pedal would have seemed pretty cool and kitschy. Instead, splash - this is trash. If you play this, they will leave.


This. Pedal. Sucks. I'm sorry to be so negative - I like a lot of things, really. But this unit does not cut it. It is the antithesis to good tone. Have you ever seen one of your guitar heroes using this pedal? No? There's a great reason why - it is putrescence at it's worst. Boo. I'd say the best advice is to give this to a young kid that's learning to play, but you'll just discourage him from playing. Use this to hide valuables around the house, not to make music with.