Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
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iamqman 28/07/2011

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)


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With an increase in metal players with more access to gear Boss decided to make a follow up to the Boss Hm-2. The pedal was just a few years before the release of the Boss Hm-3. This pedal had a better distortion that translated into a more smooth gain which was a little better than the Boss HM-2 and the Boss Hm-3. This pedal also featured a three band EQ which enabled it to get a better control over the frequencies used. To date this has been the most successful metal pedal put out by Boss and one of Boss's most successful pedals of all time.

Version Differences
There are 3 main versions of the MT-2. The opamps used have changed over time and the colour of the text has changed slightly.

Version 1: All chips M5218AL, text colour orange
Version 2: IC1,2,4 M5218AL and IC3 NJM4558L, text colour orange with "more blue"
Version 3: IC1,2,4 NJM14558L and IC3 NJM4558L, text colour orange with "more blue"



Controls: Level, Equalizer (Low, Middle, High), Dist.
Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 20 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 410 g (15 oz.)
Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


Well just because it was the smoothest distortion of the Boss Hm2- and the Boss Hm-3, that doesn't mean that it sounds good. This pedal sounds like garbage. The tone is just horrendous. It is beyond me why someone would think that this pedal sounds good. I know there are a lot of metal heads out their and me being one but come on this pedal sound like trash. The tone is thin and metallic sounding at best. The control are easy but if the sound is terrible then it is like polishing a turd. You can polish it all you want but its still a turd. I am a fan of Boss and Roland gear because they manufacturer budgeted products for the consumer and their keyboard are some of the best in the business and of course they have the best clean tone amp in the world. Many of their pedals are very user friendly and sound amazing in certain applications but this thing is just a nightmare to play. The tone if you can call it that is just terrible!


At new you can find these pedals right at around $99. Way too much money for the sound that this thing makes. It really is a terrible sounding pedal no question about it. I would get a BLackstar distortion pedal if you need something that is over the top but also sounds good to listen to.