Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
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denied 29/04/2011

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : Recensione di denied (content in English)

"Not Great"

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- Controls for Volume, highs, lows, high mids, low mids, drive

- Solid construction, components.

- Powered by either 9v battery or 9v (-) adapter, standard Boss style

- Easy access battery compartment

- Bright red LED

- Buffered bypass


Pretty standard pedal setup, input, output, footswitch, power.

Controls for volume and distortion are likewise easy to setup. The 4 band EQ is a little more unusual in a pedal, and can be difficult to dial in for people who aren't familiar with it. The manual is pretty good about providing starting points for various genres and sounds.

Pretty reliable as most boss pedals are. Never had any issues with it.


There isn't a whole lot of leeway, the MT2 is definitely a metal guitarists pedal. It CAN be coaxed into producing more of a hard rock sound, but that isn't really what it was designed to do.
Overall, the sound is a little thin and fizzy. This can be capitalized on to achieve a very particular form of distortion, but it definitely doesn't have the bottom end that a lot of heavy music requires.

I've found that placing a graphic EQ pedal directly after the Metal Zone can really bring it to life through a little fine tuning. I've also heard great things about the Keeley and Monte Allums mods for it.

Keep in mind it uses the standard Boss buffer which doesn't do great things to your bypassed signal.


This pedal definitely has a bad reputation among guitarists and the online music community. To be fair, a lot of this has to do with beginners who run it through cheap digital amps that don't take pedals well at all.
But that aside, its not the best pedal out there. It is definitely no replacement for a good high gain channel.

This was the first pedal I bought many years back, and would have probably made a different choice had I been exposed to different options. In my opinion it just isn't worth the money when you can get a digitech TL2 or used Barber Dirty Bomb for the same amount of money.