Binson Echorec 2
Binson Echorec 2

Echorec 2, Delay/Echo from Binson.

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log300 20/11/2016

Binson Echorec 2 : Recensione di log300

"Binson Echorec 2 Special"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Per tutti

Noise has been reduced to the vanishing point. Speed stability is unconditional. Frequency response has been extended to beyond audibility. Particular emphasis has been placed on reliability and ease of operation.

Binson Echorec P.E. 603 TR - Transistors.

Echo Generator with 3 different Type of Sine Wave allow to simulate different Hall Echo situation in order to maintain in all the various combinations an incredible high level of Lenght of Swell.

In addition, the Tone Control Output is equipped with an EQ with 3 Type of different Frequency in order to gives a pure analog sound completely free from of any kind of filters.

-Independent Heads Controls (80 possible combinations).

-Super Wide Disc Speed & Disc Stop: 3 positions selector 1-0-2, Ultra High Precision Speed Tunning Knob Control.

- Play Back position: Regeneration (repetitions) of the sound : "Echo" "Echo" "Echo" "Echo"
- Heads Off position: No sound.
- Play Out position : Replay only once “Echo”, with different delay time according to the selected head and to the disc speed.

2 Positions Echo Selector Switch: ECHO / REP

In the ECHO / REP. position it is possible to obtain the full control of the unit, REPLAY & REGENERATION because all the selectors and switches are enabled.

The SWELL is a preset reverb, in this position it is possible to put any head on the replay position in order to regenerate the reverb sound (effect on effect Reverb+Echo), the regeneration can be stopped also through the foot switch option.

BIAS Manual Adjustment:
Is to adjust manually the necessary BIAS level applicable to the variable Low and High Disc Speed.
The range of the manual Bias control is 35% of the total amount of the Standard Bias Calibration. Because recording frequencies response are significantly reduced at Low Disc Speed and increased at High Disc Speed, this control is necessary in order to maintain the correct recording frequency response in all the various Speed operation. Through this control it is possible also to obtain a “Clean” or “Dirty” Echo quality .

Input Dry level control +20% Gain.

Independent Heads Controls

Analogue Dual Range Multi-Speed Disc Control with Stop Disc.

Timing delay range option : 33ms 1033ms.

Echo output Frequency range 45 hz 19.800 hz.

Dry Response: 50 hz. -.1 Db, 20.000 hz. -.01 Db

Total Distortion at 1Khz +12.5 Dbu .0015%

Ultra High Bias Binson Echorec 2.

Wow and Flutter till 75% of the level Undetectable

Special balanced ball bearing Jockey Wheel Perpetual

Footswitch pedal: 2 functions Echo Stop / Regeneration Stop.

Super Precision Rotation Mechanism.

Advanced Magnetic and Electro-Magnetic Erase System.

Special Magnetic Memory Cleaning Brushes & special Cleaner & Lubricant product. Oil Free

Measures: 275x185x145mm Weight; 4,3Kg

Power Operation: 120v-240v 45W

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