Sib! Echo Drive
Sib! Echo Drive
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xxmartinxx 04/09/2011

Sib! Echo Drive : Recensione di xxmartinxx (content in English)

"Delay plus tubes equals drool"

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- Volume knob
- Mix knob
- Delay knob
- Echodrive knob
- Repeat knob
- Delay switch
- Power LED
- 12AX7 tube
- AC power cord


This is a fairly straight forward delay pedal, with two minor exceptions. One, the delay switch. That changes the delay from a short delay to a long echo. The second one is the Echodrive knob. This allows you to add gain to the circuit for some cool overdriven delay sounds. Otherwise, you can use it like any other delay pedal.

There is a 12AX7 inside the mammoth enclosure that you can swap out to change the tone of the pedal.


I've not tried every delay pedal ever made, but this is the best that I've ever tried. It is significantly more lush and involving than the others I've owned or tried. Sonically, there is nothing to complain about with this pedal (unless you want a transparent pedal, but if you're looking for that you should not consider any pedal with a tube in it).


There are five different versions of this pedal that I've seen and I've owned two of them. The original pedal was has a blue enclosure. The blue pedals used an analog chip. They are hard to find and command a good amount of money. The pedals with the red housing are digital delays. The four different versions I've seen are as follows: Red Version 1: Has a nearly identical screening to what the blue versions had (fingers pointing to inputs, Echodrive knob is labeled "Record Volume", etc.) Red Version 2: Input improperly labeled "Intput". Red Version 3: Input typo corrected. Red Version 4: Adds the "Slam" knob and switch. I have had red versions 1 and 2. I'm not sure if the circuits are different, but I preferred version 2.

I believe that all version of the pedal are out of production at this point. The red versions are going well above the original price. If you are looking for a deep, rich sounding delay pedal you should check one of these out. Fair warning, they are not cheap and they are not small or light.