MXR M118 Analog Delay Vintage
MXR M118 Analog Delay Vintage

M118 Analog Delay Vintage, Delay/Echo/Campionatore per chitarra from MXR.

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moosers 02/06/2009

MXR M118 Analog Delay Vintage : Recensione di moosers (content in English)

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The MXR Analog Delay guitar pedal is an all analog pedal that has a 1/4 inch input as well as two 1/4 inch outputs.  It has a power cable that is connected to the unit making a separate power supply or battery unnecessary.  This is not a rack mountable piece of gear as it is a stomp box.


Using the MXR Analog Delay is a really easy process as it only has three different parameters and anyone who has any experience with delay pedals or other guitar pedals shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out this pedal.  The three parameters found on the MXR Analog Delay are delay, mix, and regen.  These are pretty basic parameters as far as delay pedals go and after playing around with it for a few minutes I was able to understand everything there was to this pedal.  I don't have the manual for the MXR Analog Delay pedal but it really isn't needed as the pedal is easy enough to use on its own.


I have only used the MXR Analog Delay pedal with electric guitar - usually a Fender Strat plugged into a '76 Fender Twin Reverb, but this pedal can be used with any electronic instrument that you would want to use it with.  I'm always happy with the sounds that I can get from this pedal as I feel they are always super clean sounding and that the amount of different sounds that I can get is vast.  You can get more traditional trailing delay tones as well as some pretty whacky sounds as well.  The three parameters provide more than enough control for this pedal and while some other delay pedals might have more parameters, I find that you can get just as many sounds with this one.


I've had the MXR Analog Delay pedal for about two years and it has become one of my favorite delay pedals in that time.  It has a great sound quality and is suitable for any application including recording and live shows.  These are somewhat hard to find these days and the price will vary, but if you can find one at a reasonable price and are looking for an awesome delay pedal, I would highly recommend scooping one up!