Modtone MT-AD Analog Delay
Modtone MT-AD Analog Delay

MT-AD Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Campionatore per chitarra from Modtone in the Pro series.

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heads on fire 27/12/2011

Modtone MT-AD Analog Delay : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Good delay for the price."

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Specifications: ModTone MT-AD Vintage Analog Delay
Exclusive analog circuitry coupled with a PT-2399 processing chip (hybrid construction)
True bypass pedal
Goes from quick slapback to long repeats
Durable metal housing
Stomp switch
Quarter inch input and output jack
Time, mix, and repeat knobs


This delay is pretty no frills, so it is simple to set up and easy to get a good tone out of. My approach to getting the desired delay sound is to set the time first, then the level (mix), then the number of repeats. Since the housing and switch are made of high-quality metals, I am not worried about any durability issues. I try to have more than one delay in my setup at all times, so I wouldn't be worried about this failing, but I doubt it would even without a backup. It hasn't failed me yet!


The tones of this are reminiscent of the MXR Carbon Copy delay - warm, clear analog sounds. It works like good old-school bucket brigade delays, only without as much breakup on the repeats. There is a good cutting character to the repeats, yet with some simple taming of the controls, one can make the delay tone blend in for good ambient passages. This is a good overall delay, from slapback to searing lead solos, and almost anything in between.


For less than the price of the MXR Carbon Copy, this delay can give most of the same satisfaction. The Modtone brand isn't a household name yet, but with good quality affordable products like this one, Modtone is sure to become more well-known. A delay tone is a personal thing, but I'd recommend any guitarist try this box out. This is a very good unit in bang-for-your-buck terms!