Jam Pedals Delay Llama
Jam Pedals Delay Llama

Delay Llama, Delay/Echo/Campionatore per chitarra from Jam Pedals.

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nickname009 01/09/2011

Jam Pedals Delay Llama : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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* Controls : Delay Level , Delay Time, Repeats, internal trimmer which adjusts the amount of maximum repeats.
* It works with 9V boss-type DC adaptor (negative tip)
* It uses 22mA of power when ON
* Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm , 145 x 120 x 38 mm (+ version)
* Limited Life-time warranty !

This is a hand made boutique delay pedal geared towards vintage tone and vintage delay sounds. All completely analog circuitry and analog sounds.

Therefore the features are pretty basic with just the level time and repeats.

There has been a few different models of this, limited editions with different paintjobs and features etc etc. It's kind of all over the place, but the essential sound is still the same.


Quite simple to use since it's an analog delay, you can't tap anything out you just sort of have to approximate the times and whatnot with the time knob. Not particularly useful for live within a band context i'd say but perfect for jamming and whatnot.


Sounds great. Lush, thick, warm and has a very vintage vibe. These pedals are handmade from Greece and have created a pretty decent following. Most of their pedals are sort of the creator's take on the originals with some twists and whatnot. But still using original chips to keep the same vibe and vintage tone.

The delay llama is no exception, it sounds great! I've heard and seen these used a few times at gigs and have never been disappointed with the sound.

There's really not much more I can say about this delay pedal. It sounds great, has a true vintage vibe and would suit any situation for those looking for a short-to-medium delay sound with a vintage vibe. I believe this goes up to about 600ms.


Great pedal! Truly boutique sounds! Nice paintjob! Easy to use! A little bit pricey for some! Depends on how much of a delay-boutique fanatic you are.

Overall great!