Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Mk4
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Mk4

Deluxe Memory Man Mk4, Delay/Echo/Campionatore per chitarra from Electro-Harmonix in the Memory series.

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mooseherman 28/01/2010

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Mk4 : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a new find for me, a great analog delay pedal! It has a 1/4" and two outputs, one with a wet signal and one dry. It has no midi connections, can't be edited on a Mac or PC, and is not rackable as it's a pedal. I've used in on guitar but it could definitely be used on vocals or bass or keys if connected right.


This pedal is really easy to use, and has a number of knobs to help control and shape the sound. There is a blend knob which helps blend or separate the dry signal that enters the pedal from the processed signal. The level knob controls the volume of the delay that comes in the mix. The feedback knob controls how long the delay will repeat, or feed back. The chorus/vibrato pedal controls the amount of those effects in the mix, and the depth knob controls the rate of modulation. The delay knob controls the delay time, or speed of the delay. I bought it used and didn't get a manual, so I don't know how effective the manual is.


I mainly use this pedal with electric guitar, but I've tried it on keys as well, and it works great in either context. The amp does color the sound pretty well, but I don't think it's too drastic. A delay unit, in my opinion, is supposed to color the sound pretty heavily. I really like the sounds that you can get out of this amp. The tones range from a beefy slapback delay to a cavernous wall of noise. Heavy manipulation of the knobs can allow for some really exotic and crazy sounds as well. The range of this thing is pretty great, and unlike a lot of digital delays it doesn't end up swallowing your whole signal. One thing I will mention is the fact that the pedal does have a preamp that colors the sound, but I generally haven't had an issue where this has been a bad thing. I


I love the purity of the delay on this thing. Almost any analog delay is preferable to digital in my book, but this pedal really steps above and beyond. I think that it's a bit pricey for a delay, usually around $300, so it's definitely an investment. If you absolutely need a delay pedal and don't have that kind of money, look elsewhere, but if you're willing to save up for the best, go for this.