ProCo Sound DB-1

DB-1, D.I. from ProCo Sound.

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moosers 09/04/2010

ProCo Sound DB-1 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The ProCo Sound DB-1 is a passive direct input box that I have used in the recording studio. Like pretty much all DI boxes, you could use this for live sound as well but I haven't done so as I don't do very much with live sound. This is an analog piece of gear consisting of a 1/4" input and output, and an XLR output. It also has switches for ground lift, high cut, and for speaker/instrument line. It doesn't require any external power supply and isn't rack mountable as it is a box.


There isn't very much that you need to know in order to operate the ProCo Sound DB-1. For the most part it is self explanatory what everything does, and if it isn't I would recommend doing some research on direct input boxes. I don't think that a manual is necessary at all, as most users will be able to figure out everything on their own.


The sound of the ProCo Sound DB-1 has the perfect amount of clarity, punch, and fullness for a direct input box. It will give you back the same signal that you send to it, meaning it is has great fidelity and is reliable. I've used the box for a slew of different applications including for recording bass guitar, keyboards, and for routing purposes for electric guitar. In my time using it I've only found it to be a good sounding direct box without any noise or loss of quality.


Overall, I really don't see any problems with the ProCo Sound DB-1. It is reliable and will do the job very well. The price falls right in line with what else is out there, so I don't think the price should be a factor here, but I will say that it is on the cheaper end of high quality direct boxes. I'd also recommend checking out the Countryman DI Box Type 85, the Radial Pro DI, and the ProCo Sound CB-1, but definitely include the DB-1 on the list as well...