CGM Prods. Clear Line Passive DI
CGM Prods. Clear Line Passive DI

Clear Line Passive DI, D.I. from CGM Prods..

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moosers 28/02/2011

CGM Prods. Clear Line Passive DI : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The CMG Clear Line Passive DI is a simple direct input box that is suitable for use in the studio or on the stage. My experience with this DI has only been in the studio, however. It's pretty basic, consisting of 1/4" connections for a high impedance input and output, and an XLR low impedance output. It isn't rackable as it's a DI box that's meant to float.


There isn't anything to using the CMG Clear Line Passive DI beyond setting it up. Once you've made your connections you're pretty much good to go. The only control to be aware of here is the ground lift that's available on it, but beyond that there aren't any parameters to play with. Because it's so simple, a manual definitely won't be necessary.


The sound of the CMG Clear Line Passive DI isn't really anything too impressive, but more times than not it'll get the job done. It definitely doesn't sound terrible, but it's not the best sounding DI I've used by a long shot. However, I've only used it for recording keyboard direct, which should be a more accurate signal to begin with when compared to bass guitar or something similar. It's great for use in a home studio, but for a professional studio I'd perhaps go with something a bit cleaner.


The CMG Clear Line Passive DI doesn't seem to be too popular, as the only one I've ever seen was the one I used recently. I work with this producer who has a home studio and we recently tracked some keyboards direct with this and definitely did the job just fine. I'd pick one up if you come across a cheap one, but there are plenty of other options out there that sound as good or better for quite cheap...