Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case
Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case

Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case, Custodia Chitarra Rigida/Semi-rigida from Gator Cases.

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moosers 02/02/2011

Gator Cases Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Gator Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case is a professional hard shell casing for your instrument. Gator has a series of cases like this that are made for all different purposes, with this one of course being designed for use with a Jumbo sized acoustic guitar. I’m not an owner of this case, but I got a good feeling for it recently when someone brought their jumbo acoustic guitar into the studio in one of these. It’s overall a beautiful case, with a nice balance of utility and sturdiness. I don’t know what it’s made out of, but the outside is a really hard plastic or something that definitely places the guitar inside of it in good hands. The inside it lined with a bit of fuzziness and contains a compartment for storing guitar accessories, or anything you want really. Gator also has what is pretty much this same case for guitars of all shapes and sizes, so no worries if you’re looking for a case and don’t have a jumbo sized guitar. I really don’t think I could find a case that’s more suited for protecting a guitar than this one, as I don’t think it’s possible for anything to happen to the guitar when it’s inside of this. The price doesn’t make it the cheapest hard shell case, but most hard shell cases are going to be somewhat expensive anyway, and experienced players know that it’s going to be worth it in the long run to protect your instrument if you really have a nice guitar. This isn’t really going to be worth it unless you really have a top tier acoustic guitar to case, although it’s more than suitable for all jumbo acoustic guitars. Check out all the Gator guitar cases, as they have a lot to choose from that are all of a high quality.