Bose TriPort
Bose TriPort

TriPort, Cuffie Hi-Fi from Bose.

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JayDMusic 17/01/2009

Bose TriPort : Recensione di JayDMusic (content in English)


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This is a review of the Bose TriPort Headphones. I know that every time one of you sees a guy wearing these, you think he's a big shot because he has these. I also know that every time you're in a electronics superstore like Best Buy or Circuit City and you see one of those setups where they have the over-ear and on-ear headphones, you put the Bose Over-Ear TriPorts on and listen and think, "Man, I want these!". Well, that's how I felt. I won them in a contest, and I haven't regretted entering it. They are by far the most pleasing set of headphones I have ever worn.

To start, they have the most crisp sound I've heard from anything. It's like being there. I listened to music on them from Daft Punk to Jack Johnson, from Bluegrass to Nature Sounds (I would not ever buy a CD full of nature sounds, but it they were in a game I was playing!), and the sound is amazing. The bass is crisp, the highs are airy, and I just love the sound.

This is without even mentioning the noise canceling. I wish they would make a pair of monitoring headphones with this kind of canceling, so they wouldn't bleed into the microphone! The talk about these headphones is true. They are fantastic. They're a sound investment for anybody who listens to music a lot. I really think that they are worth the price.

The normal price for them is $130. I thinking that anybody who really wants to listen to their music and get the whole experience, from the triangle to the tom, these are the answer.

A note to producers. I'm not sure that they are monitoring headphones. If you want to listen to your music for enjoyment, I'd get these headphones, too.