Sennheiser HD 205
Sennheiser HD 205

HD 205, Cuffie DJ from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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BadApple 22/03/2011

Sennheiser HD 205 : Recensione di BadApple (content in English)

"Perfect for the price I paid"

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These sennheiser HD 205 headphones are really good.
They are mainly dj headphones and have a nice little rotating phone on the right side so you can easily listen to the next track while you are listening to what you are playing at the moment.
I must say that the frequency response on these headphones are great. Before I got a hold of some studio monitors I was using these to mix and master to and my tracks turned out pretty good.
I have to say that the really low end sub bass does not get picked up as much as I would like, but I am a sub junkie so you can never please me in that aspect.
I paid about £40 for these headphones and they are brilliant for the price. They are pretty lightweight and very strong. They come with a quarter inch jack adapter to plug into your mixer like most dj headphones do and it is a mini jack or 3.5mm whatever you want to call it jack normally.
The jack is gold plated which is very nice, you do not hear any buzz or things like that.
The only problem I would say is that even though on the box it says over ear headphones they do no go fully over your ear as you might expect, the cushion padding area kind of rests on your ear than actually going over it, my ears are really small also so I know what I am talking about :)
So because they rest on your ear they do start to hurt after a long session of wearing them but by a long session I mean like 4 to 5 hours of wearing them none stop.
Altogether then I think that for the price I paid these headphones are great, good quality noise cancellation and a nice lightweight but sturdy frame that lets you wear them without thinking they are going to break are all good qualities for a pair of headphones like this.
I would definitely pick these again if my bust.