Pioneer HDJ-1500-W
Pioneer HDJ-1500-W

HDJ-1500-W, Cuffie DJ from Pioneer belonging to the HDJ-1500 model.

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JimboSpins 26/02/2013

Pioneer HDJ-1500-W : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"Nice look, but sloppy mids"

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The Pioneer DJ HDJ 1500 headphones are a pair of closed back headphones that I used for my DJ sets. I have used it in a handful of sets now and I am pretty happy with it. They are not the best pair of headphones that I have used but they are far from the worse. They have large diameter speaker units and soft ear cups. They come with a carrying pouch and fold down for transportation and storage.
The design of these headphones I nothing different, but they do look very clean and modern. I get a lot of complements when I use the HDJ 1500’s no matter where I go. I love the way they feel on my head, they are very comfortable and the ear pads are very soft.
The sound is ok in my opinion. The highs are decent, but the mids are subpar to me and I feel like they really make the music sound muddy. It is easy to over look the fact that the mids are sloppy because the bass hits so hard and really when you are a DJ, the bass in your headphones is very important so you can get your music and timing lined up. But when I really focus on the quality of the sound the mids really throw me off and I was very disappointed with them. I have not heard many DJ headphones that have sloppy mids, sometimes it’s the highs or the lows don’t hit hard enough but never the mids being too sloppy.
At this price (180.00) I do not recommend these headphones because some of the Shure headphones have a similar sound to these but cost about 50 bucks less. They main thing I I think I was paying for with these headphones is the style of them. They do look amazing; they are very clean and bright. But to me the look does not matter as much as the sound does.