Pioneer HDJ-2000
Pioneer HDJ-2000

HDJ-2000, Cuffie DJ from Pioneer belonging to the HDJ-2000 model.

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BeyondR 09/01/2013

Pioneer HDJ-2000 : Recensione di BeyondR (content in English)


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Pioneer HDJ-2000 are pro headphones used my many Dj's that combine a high quality and a well thought design.
Mainly, these headphones are used only my professionals , but don't you worry , it's a great product that's easy to use and is quality helpful in your mixes or even in your compositions.

What I like most about these headphones is the material that cover the ears, it has a very very soft material that is extremely pleasant and creates a comfort feel whenever you use them.
Another social detail that I like about these headphones is the snug fit , it's so well designed so even if you're using them when you have a full show , you will still get comfortable regarding the time that has passed and you still have them covering your ears.

Another detail that is worth mention when comparing these headphones with others, is the durability and stability offered by them.
These headphones can take some pressure and still remain intact which is very person for a intense user of his hardware like me.

I must mention the fact that they are extremely compact so you can carry them anywhere which is such a benefit. They fold into a compact configuration.

Another extremely important factor that make these headphones even more pro is the mono/stereo switcher which us , djs , composers and mixers need so much.

My opinion about the value of price is remarkable , this product costs around 350 $ but it provided great features and the whole package is assured.

Precision and quality is great, I couldn't complain neither about the design or the quality of sound.

Knowing what I know, I would buy these headphones if I would want something pro, that is comfortable , durable and its worth the money.