Prodipe Pro 800
Prodipe Pro 800

Pro 800, Cuffie di studio from Prodipe.

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JimboSpins 08/10/2012

Prodipe Pro 800 : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"Good to listen to music in, But DJ'ing NO"

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The ProDipe Pro 800 are made for more of a regular use. Not necessarily for DJ use, I made the mistake of thinking they would be a good set of headphones to use for DJ’ing and found out the hard way. They do sound great for listening to music from my Ipod or computer with though. They are gear more for music with heavier baselines in it though. The bass in ProDipe Pro 800 really pops out to me, it has a nice thump and warmth to the low end and the highs and mids are clean and crisp. The issue with using them in a club to DJ with is that the base in them sometimes is so heavy you cant hear the kick, and when I am mixing songs together I need to hear the kick so I can get the tempos down before I cut in the next record.

You can fold up the ProDipe Pro 800 and take them anywhere with you. I am not a fan of the design though. They look really cheap and toy like. They should have added some flair to them with color. They remind me of the old stereo headphones from back in the early 90’s with the really long cord and 1/8 plug. These are for listening pleasure only, I wouldn’t use them to create music with because the bass is to much and your mixes will be really bad, and I wouldn’t use them to DJ with because the bass is too much and its hard to tell the Kick and Snare apart to mix in via BPM and match up with.

So I would have to say a big no for this from me, just because I am a DJ first, and a part time musician. I already own enough headphones just to listen to music with. The ProDipe Pro 800 did not meet my expectations.