Howard Leight Sync Headphones
Howard Leight Sync Headphones

Sync Headphones, Cuffie di studio from Howard Leight.

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JeffTadashi 22/07/2012

Howard Leight Sync Headphones : Recensione di JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Great for drummers!"

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The Howard Leight Sync Headphones are a unique pair of noise-reducing headphones, because they are designed and made by a company that specializes in industrial noise-reducing headwear. Most headphones are designed by electronic audio companies, but Howard Leight comes from a different background, and what you get is one of the most isolating headphones I have ever used. They are perfect for drummers, who are always uncontrollably loud, and they are perfect for recording studios that record loud drummers.

These headphones look sleek and modern, and they don't look like an industrial product at all. They are mostly black, and feature a headphone design that isn't adjustable at the top, but the two earmuffs can swivel, making them suitable for most head sizes. They fit very tightly around your ears, but they are pretty comfortable, even with the tightness. Once you put the headphones on, it's like a whole other world; almost all ambient noise is blocked out, and it can be very hard to hear anything outside of the headphones. It is simply amazing!

Next, attach am 1/8" cable from an mp3 player or other headphone audio source to the headphones; it's too bad the Sync doesn't come with a built-in cable, but it is nice that you can detach it, such as this design, but sometimes it's hard finding an 1/8" cable that is long enough; the one that comes with the Sync is too short for most studio applications, as it won't even reach the floor. The sound quality is pretty good, and because ambient noise is blocked out, the audio is very clear. Overall, if you've been frustrated in the past with headphones that don't work for drummers, definitely check these things out. You simply will not be disappointed! And they don't cost more than $30 either. Buy your pair today!