Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash 16"
Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash 16"

Z Custom Medium Crash 16", Crash from Zildjian.

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FateFelledVictim 07/10/2008

Zildjian Z Custom Medium Crash 16" : Recensione di FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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This is the cymbal that is made for metal, rock, or anything that needs a lot of drive. These cymbals cut through the mix with a very bright, focused attack. I have two Z Customs in my set, along with a K Custom, and 3 A Customs, and these blend very well. I have been using them for about two years. The thickness of the cymbal allows for amazing durability and crisp, roaring sound. Thanks to thickness, you can also use this cymbal as a ride. The only issue of this is the lack of bell, it really doesn’t have too much of one. It is similar to the concept of the A Custom flat top rides, only a crash.

I personally prefer the 16” Z Custom medium crash clean, to keep it bright, but over time the cymbal develops really dark tonal qualities, and the sound gets slightly quieter. The cymbal is really good for practicing musicians who want a cymbal that will last forever, and these are the best cymbals made for that reason. I find that the overtones are lighter than one would think from such a thick cymbal. The cymbal has a bright, short sustain. I love the sound of the cymbal when you choke it. It is like a tamed explosion, which is really good for intros. The looks of this cymbal are also really cool. The hammering and lathing makes them stand out in a set.

The only cons with this cymbal is that it may not be suitable for jazz or small clubs, as the volume may overshadow everything else. Another con is that the cymbal may overshadow the guitars or drums if the guitars have small amps or if the drums are not of very high quality. Another little complaint with these cymbals is that the attack of the cymbal is very bright and loud, doesn’t hold too much shimmer, like the A Customs. So if you are looking for something like the A Customs, this is not the way to go. But I would say these are a really good buy.