Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17''
Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17''

Z Custom Rock Crash 17'', Crash from Zildjian.

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FateFelledVictim 07/10/2008

Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17'' : Recensione di FateFelledVictim (content in English)


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The Z Custom 17” Rock Crash is one of the most versatile cymbals in the Z Custom cymbal line. The large, popped up bell allows the cymbal to be a projecting crash, while holding on to an overall clear ride sound. The shimmering attack of the Z Customs comes through with this cymbal, as the attack is brighter thanks to the large bell. My set includes a 16” Z Custom Medium crash and the 17” Rock crash, both are about a year old, and they blend together perfectly. This cymbal is just slightly higher pitch than the medium crashes that I have played. The cymbal is built like a tank, much like the other cymbals in the Z Custom line. The cymbal maintains tonal qualities while being loud enough to cut through any guitar, distorted or otherwise.

I play with one metal band, and they love the cut and the drive, while I also play with a jazz experimental band who love the bright attack and the ability to use these as a ride. I mixed this crash with A Custom crashes, splashes and hihats, while using a K Custom ride. Altogether, these cymbals are some of the best cymbals for the money, due to the fact of how durable they are. If you crack these, you might need to think about hitting a little bit lighter. I do have to say that although my jazz band loves these things, they are put to much better use in a rock and roll environment, where the guitars are a little louder.

The only real bad side to this cymbal is that it may be too loud for a new band whose guitarists don’t have powerful equipment, but you can feather hit these to make them a little quieter. All in all, these cymbals are amazing for pros and beginners alike for their tonal qualities and their durability. I would buy these over again.