Sabian AAX Dark Crash 16
Sabian AAX Dark Crash 16"

AAX Dark Crash 16", Crash from Sabian in the AAX series.

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moosers 01/05/2009

Sabian AAX Dark Crash 16" : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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I've been using the Sabian AAX Dark Crash cymbal for about two years and it is one of my favorite crash cymbals to use for recording rock and pop music. It has a brilliance to it that is not only unique but works perfectly for these applications because of this tone quality. The model of the Sabian AAX Dark Crash cymbal that I use I believe is 16" around, which is approximately the size you would expect from a crash cymbal. While I'm not a drummer, I have used the cymbal enough times while recording to know that it is a great sounding cymbal. To record drum overheads and cymbals I usually use a pair of Neumann KM184s or a pair of Rode NT5s and I find that with either pair I get great sounding crash cymbal sounds with this cymbal. While I've never used it for live shows it will work great for this application in addition to recording. The tone of the Sabian AAX Dark Crash cymbal can be described as a full bodied and having of a certain presence that you definitely hope to get with crash cymbals. Whether you are using this in tandem with another lighter sounding crash cymbal or on its own, it will add to your drum sound on the stage and in the studio. Even though this is a great sounding cymbal, the Sabian AAX Dark Crash won't break the bank in terms of price which makes it suitable for players of all levels looking to get a great sounding dark crash cymbal. All cymbals are unique and users need to try out each cymbal before purchasing to see if it will fit in their sounds, but I believe that the Sabian AAX Dark Crash cymbal is a great choice and is definitely worthy of a try.