Bosphorus Antique Thin Crash 15
Bosphorus Antique Thin Crash 15"

Antique Thin Crash 15", Crash from Bosphorus in the Antique series.

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sanjuro 30/11/2009

Bosphorus Antique Thin Crash 15" : Recensione di sanjuro (content in English)


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The banded lathing on this cymbal reminded me of my Istanbuls, so I wanted to try it.  I also am a fan of other Bosporus cymbals and try all of them when I can.  I was not terribly impressed by this, however, and I would not buy one of my own.  For some reason, it just didn't sound right to me and it took forever for the store I work at to sell it.  we had to drop the price about 4 times just to get some takers. 

The cymbal was dry and reasonably bright, contrary to its appearance.  Despite its hand hammering and lathing patterns, it lacked character in the sense that the sounds weren't particularly rich in my opinion. It was warm, but almost in a tinny and metallic way.  The alloy is similar to other Bosphorus models, so I don;t know why I would hear certain metals more than others.  I was not impressed by its attack or decay, as the attack was slow and weak while the decay sounded uneven and unappealing.  The bell actually sounded really, really good for whatever reason.  Stick strokes sounded hollow and anemic, but this is to be expected of many thin crashes of a smaller diameter.  I can't imagine too many situations where I would want a cymbal like this.

This is not a bad cymbal, although I was disappointed.  When cymbals are hand hammered some sound different than others.  For this reason I hope to not judge an entire line on one model.  Still, I was not happy with the way this sounded and I encourage everyone to listen to each individual model thoroughly before purchasing it.   This is the way cymbals are I guess, although I am sure I would not like any other models of the same type much more.  When considering comparable lines, I suggest the Bosphorus Paper thins, as these all sound pretty nice.