Martin & Co SP+ Phosphor Bronze Medium 13-56
Martin & Co SP+ Phosphor Bronze Medium 13-56

SP+ Phosphor Bronze Medium 13-56, Corda per chitarra from Martin & Co.

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bpmccauley1 16/10/2008

Martin & Co SP+ Phosphor Bronze Medium 13-56 : Recensione di bpmccauley1 (content in English)


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For the longest time I played Elixir strings. They are all I wanted and I wasn't really open to the idea of switching to a different type of string. One day at a show my friend was playing and something was different about his guitar and the sound (he was an Elixir guy as well) so I asked him about it and what he did. He told me that he switched to these Martin strings. I was really shocked because as far as I was concerned, Elixir strings had by far the best sound that I had heard. I was obvisiouly wrong.
These strings sound amazing, and at almost 1/2 the price of Elixirs you can't beat them. They last just as long as the Elixirs do as well, which was a big reason that I was playing the Elixirs in the first place. I will admit that with these Martins you don't get that really smooth, silky feel when you are playing like you do with the Elixirs but that is something that I soon didn't miss.
Anyway after talking with my friend I bought a set of the Martins and put them on, it was time to change my Elixirs anyway. After I got them tuned up and started to play I couldn't believe it. They made my Alvarez sound like it was a Gibson J-45, no joke. The bass, mids, and highs all came out more, and it seemed like they were better balanced, the tone was better, and actually the new sound inspired me to write some more music. I pumped out about 5 songs the week that I put them on, that is alot for me, haha.
In short, I know we all get comfortable with what we are used to and have trouble with the idea of deviating from that, I know that I did anyway. These strings are worth it and you won't be sorry with the change. Do it, you might come up with a whole new set list of originals you didn't have before.