GHS Guitar Boomers GB10.5 10.5-48
GHS Guitar Boomers GB10.5 10.5-48

Guitar Boomers GB10.5 10.5-48, Corda per chitarra from GHS in the Guitar Boomers series.

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tjon901 12/07/2011

GHS Guitar Boomers GB10.5 10.5-48 : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Slightly heavier than average"

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These are the strings I like to use on my shred guitars or guitars with tremolos. My 10-60 Zakk Wylde strings would be too much on a 25.5 inch scale guitar with a floyd rose on it so I use slightly lighter strings and I am able to get good low E tension which is most important for me. I can get by with any kind of flop on any string apart from the low E. When I play a guitar seriously I need the low E to be extra tight. With these strings I can get that tightness on a Fender scale guitar.. I recently got an Ibanez and it seems like it had a set of stock 9-46 strings on it and I was fine with every string but the low E. The low E was flopping way to much for me. Even with the change from 46-48 the difference in low E tension is night and day. The string of course is not physically as large as the 60s I use on other guitars but the tension is very nice. The 48 low E hits above it weight class. The 10.5 high E might be a little heavy for some people. It is getting close to the point where it may be uncomfortable to play in standard E tuning. With the high E string playing with too high a tension can cause strings to break when you are playing hard. The high E and the low E set the feeling for the rest of the set pretty much. It may be slightly heavier than what you are use to if you are a regular 9-46 player but me coming from 10-60 sets on Gibson scale guitars I am use to more tension in my strings. If you are playing 10s and want just a little less slack in your strings without going to 11's these 10.5's are a natural choice.