Dr Strings Extra Life Color Coated
Dr Strings Extra Life Color Coated

Extra Life Color Coated, Corda per basso from Dr Strings.

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Audiofanzine FR 16/12/2008

Dr Strings Extra Life Color Coated : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by D_lex/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I mounted them 3 weeks ago on my Ibanez TRB-200 (Red Devils 45-105)

They are good because they look nice and have a round and brilliant sound.

They sound rounder than GHS Bass Boomers and they don't have that unpleasant percussive and "slappy" Bass Boomers' touch.

It's surprising because they sound more metallic and less dark than the Bass Boomers. The sound has a better definition and it is cleaner.

I find the Bass Boomers produce a muddy low-end.

With Dr Strings notes are more distinct between each attack. It becomes very obvious when you play fast.

The attack power is also easier to control than with Bass Boomers, even when slapping. (as a consequence, you'll use less compression and get a more authentic bass sound)

The sound difference is impressive.

The playing feel is special and it won't appeal to every bassist. They feel rawer than GHS Bass boomers.


But they have a weak point: they break easily near the machine heads if you are not careful when mounting them... so consider the length when you mount them on your instrument.

I was used to letting about 1" beyond each machine head with classic strings, which is what I did with the A string. The coating wore out pretty fast so in the end only the string core was attached to the machine head. I had to cut the string shorter and it happened again!

I had to buy a new strings set because of one string. The problem isn't the price but the delivery time.

I think it's possible to find strings with the same quality from other brands, but without this defect.

These are not bad strings but I'm not sure I'll buy them again.