Creamware A-16 Ultra
Creamware A-16 Ultra

A-16 Ultra, Convertitore Analogico/Digitale from Creamware.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Creamware A-16 Ultra : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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It does what it's told to do. 16 an in/out. 2 adat lightpipe in/out. Z-Link. Works with both balanced and unbalanced stuff. Can be used with any adat-unit that got either Z-Link (creamwares own interface) or lightpipe. Got some nice synchronization capabilities. But only 44 or 48KHz...

Price paid: $500 USD

The AD/DA converters are good... but for beein' an adat-converter it's not so much to brag about. For the money it's great!

I had never worked with digital recording before i got this.. so i had to learn about how the signaling stuff works.. not so much that you has to know really. Just plug n' play!

Box of metal.. should not break if you don't throw it on the ground. I've had some prob's with the fan in it. It started sounding loud as ****. No bigger prob, i just opened it and moved it to the side a little. fixed.. But the fan still makes some noise.


If it wasn't for the noisy fan i would give it 1,5 more points... and if it had a higher sample rate i would add 1,5 more... except from that (+ that it's not so nice to look at if someone is interrested in that fact) it's a really great unit! Perfect breakout box for all "creamware soundcard with Z-link or 2 lightpipe interfaces" owners ;)

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