TC Electronic Sustain+ Parametric Equalizer
TC Electronic Sustain+ Parametric Equalizer

Sustain+ Parametric Equalizer, Compressore/Sustainer per Chitarra from TC Electronic.

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heads on fire 24/10/2011

TC Electronic Sustain+ Parametric Equalizer : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Subtle, but very effective."

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Made in Denmark
One band parametric EQ
Compressor circuit
Hard steel housing
Stomp switch
9v battery powered
Also can be run with a power adapter, but it uses a 1/8 mini plug, curiously.


This pedal is really easy to use, but it takes a while to understand exactly what is happening to your sound from the compressor circuit. That circuit is very subtle - most compressors for guitar squish the heck out of the signal, so it's very obvious when its on, but this pedal is different. The controls are very interactive, so each small tweak of a knob can have a different effect on the sound.

The parametric equalizer circuit, however, is much easier to figure out. Pick a frequency, then boost or cut. Simple. I like to use it as Eric Johnson did - to cut out the pick attack from my guitar signal. It's radically effective for that.


This is a very nice unit. The compressor doesn't get tooooooo squished - dynamic range is mostly intact, yet the notes sustain out longer. It is a handy feature. The parametric is a tool any musician can use properly - if one was an acoustic guitarist that plugged into the PA, this unit could help isolate and destroy feedback frequencies without being detrimental to the overall tone of the signal.


I actually sold mine. And that's not because I disliked it - it's a rare unit, so it's hard to find. I just needed to raise cash for another box I liked. You know, the dreaded Gear Acquisition Syndrome? One day, when I have a spare couple hundred laying around, I'll try and buy another one. The TC Electronic Sustain + Parametric EQ is a fantastic old pedal that really helps tailor the feel of your playing.