Stillwell Audio The Rocket Compressor
Stillwell Audio The Rocket Compressor

The Rocket Compressor, Software compressor from Stillwell Audio.

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Audiofanzine FR 04/11/2008

Stillwell Audio The Rocket Compressor : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by barth111/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

No installation problems.

Personally I didn't have any compatibility problems.

Forget the user's manual, it's a compressor so you turn the knobs, listen to it and enjoy the sound ;) .


I have an Intel E8400 @ 3GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM...

No problem with this configuration.

It's not resource intensive at all (I would need 4 instances to get 1% CPU use, but that has never happened...)

Extremely stable plug-in! No problem with Sonar 7.


I've been using it for one week. (intensive use)

At last I can get a good and powerful drum sound for my band without that awful high-frequency emphasis and without having to tweak an EQ (altering the sound). This compressor adds something to the tone, it has a special sound character and I love how it works . Everything is clear in the final mix, it's a real pleasure.

Yes I tested lots of compressors... From Sonar and Cubase own compressors to Waves models (C1, C4, SSL, etc.). They are all good but they don't add the power I like for my mixes.

The full version isn't expensive so don't hesitate!

Based on my experience I would surely buy this product again!