Bomb Factory 1176

1176, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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moosers 26/01/2009

Bomb Factory 1176 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bomb Factory 1176 is one of the plug-ins that comes free with Pro Tools. I had no problems installing it as it is automatically installed when you install Pro Tools. The configuration is simple - the same as a hardware 1176 and is easy to learn what does what. I've never had access to a manual for this, I'm not even sure if one exists and anyone with any experience with a hardware 1176, or really any compressor for that matter, they will figure out how to use it.


I am running the Bomb Factory 1176 on my Mac Book Pro with a 2.2 Ghz processor and 4 GB of ram and I am running Pro Tools with a Digi 002R. This plug in works fine with my computer as I've never had a problem running this plug-in. I get good performance from this plug-in and can run a bunch of them at once, however I think this has more to do with my machine than the make up of the plug-in itself.


I've been using the Bomb Factory 1176 for as long as I've had Pro Tools, which has been about three years. Overall, this isn't one of the best sounding compression plug-ins that I have used. It ends up sounding a little more transparent than full and I have other compression plug-ins such as Smack or the Fairchild 660 that I like much more than this. I do like this compression in some situations on electric guitar. The good news is, for the price (free with Pro Tools!) it is clearly a bargain and it nice to have in your plug-in platelet even if it isn't the best sounding. Don't get me wrong though, it is a usable plug-in and I am glad to have it, but compared to some other plug-ins I have bought this just doesn't hold up.