Peavey Combo 115
Peavey Combo 115

Combo 115, Combo per basso from Peavey.

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moosers 25/03/2009

Peavey Combo 115 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Peavey Combo 115 is a solid state bass guitar amplifier. Like the name states, it delivers 115 watts of power. It has two 1/4 inch inputs and also has an XLR output if you want to send a direct input signal to your audio interface or PA system. It has a ton of parameters, including knobs for level, EQ, and gain. It also has a section of sliders that is a graphic EQ.


The configuration of the Peavey Combo 115 bass amp is very easy to follow and I find that it is easy to zero in on the sound and tone that I am trying to achieve. The inherent sound is full and it is a good sounding overall bass amp. There is a good amount of control available, making it great for all types of bass guitars and genres. I don't have a manual for the Peavey Combo 115, but you shouldn't really need one as it is quite easy to use.


The Peavey Combo 115 is great for all types of music, but I have really only used it for rock music. I have used it both on the stage and in the recording studio, and I am usually happy with the sounds I get with this bass. I usually use a Fender P-Bass or Jazz Bass with this amp, usually with great results. There is a good amount of tone shaping capabilities, which is what makes it a versatile amp in addition to be great sounding.


I've been using the Peavey Combo 115 bass amp for about four years for recording and live shows and have found it to be a great amp. While it is extremely heavy, it has a huge sound to go with it and works great both while recording or during live shows. The price of this amp isn't all that cheap, but it isn't expensive and is probably set right. Overall, this is a great bass amp that is versatile and sounds great.