Guild Maverick
Guild Maverick

Maverick, Combo per basso from Guild.

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moosers 21/12/2011

Guild Maverick : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Guild Maverick is a little known tube bass guitar amplifier. This is an older amp and I think it’s from the early 70’s but I don’t know the exact years of production for it. The amp is somewhat compact as it’s a combo amp and just has a single 15” speaker. It’s got two ¼” inputs in the front for plugging in your instrument.


Using the Guild Maverick is quite simple. It doesn’t have many controls and should be sounding good off the bat if you’ve got a good bass player and a good bass. The only controls that it has are bass, treble, and volume for knobs and a bright/bass switch. That will be all that you need anyway with this amp as it really sounds amazing and is perfect for recording.


I’m a huge fan of recording with the Guild Maverick bass amp. It’s got just the perfect amount of punch and fullness that when recorded in tandem with a direct signal, you’re going to get an amazing bass sound. I have only used the Maverick in the studio and this probably the best place for it because of it’s elder status and the fact that it’s not the loudest amp out there. It sounds great while using a P or Jazz Bass and should sound more or less like the bass and player you’re using with it.


While not took many people know about the Guild Maverick bass amp, it’s sort of a cult favorite for those who do. I don’t believe that too many of them were made since not many of them are left out there and Guild is more known for their guitars than they’re amps. I have no clue what this bass amp will cost you but it’s definitely going to be at the top of my list when it comes time to expand my studio and add a great bass amp to it.