Acoustic B20
Acoustic B20

B20, Combo per basso from Acoustic.

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moosers 25/06/2010

Acoustic B20 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Acoustic B20 is an inexpensive bass combo amplifier that is best suited for practicing and live shows. It’s got a single speaker in it, the exact size of which I’m not sure, although it’s pretty large. In general, isn’t the biggest bass amp in the world, but also isn’t the smallest. It’s easily transported to gigs or rehearsals if needed however. It’s got two ¼” inputs in the front of it for your instrument, as well as two 1/8” mini plug inputs for headphones and a line in.


Using the Acoustic B20 is really a simple task. It’s about as easy as you can find a bass amp while still having a bit of control over your sound. The parameters that are found on the front panel of the B20 include those for volume and a four band equalizer, which is split up into low, low-mid, high-mid, and high frequency bands. All of this is pretty self explanatory, even for a beginner, so I don’t believe that users will require a manual for the B20.


The sound of the Acoustic B20 is about average, as it’s nothing special but also isn’t awful. It isn’t very versatile, but for practicing on it definitely gets the job done. I’ve never played a show with this or recorded with it and have only used it a few times to practice on with a Fender Jazz Bass. It’s definitely lacking a fullness that you’ll find with higher end bass combo amps, but again for practicing the amp does the trick.


While the Acoustic B20 wouldn’t be my first recommendation for a cheap bass combo amp, at the price it’s being offered up for, it isn’t a bad deal. It certainly doesn’t have the fullest sound by a long shot, but if you are a beginner looking to get something cheap to get started with for practicing and maybe gigging, I don’t see too much of a problem with it. Having said this, the B20 should definitely be treated as a practice amp, so don’t expect too much from it at this price. If you’re an above average player I’d stay away from this amp, but for those just getting started it’s definitely not a bad choice at this cheap price…