Guyatone MC-3 Micro Chorus
Guyatone MC-3 Micro Chorus

MC-3 Micro Chorus, Chorus chitarra from Guyatone in the Micro Effect series.

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mooseherman 15/12/2010

Guyatone MC-3 Micro Chorus : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)

"Interesting, classic Chorus sound"

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This is a chorus pedal for guitar. It has a really nice warm sound to it, and is pretty similar overall to the sound of a leslie speaker. There are two 1/4" connections, input and output as well as an adapter input (it can also use a 9V battery). This is all analog and as such there are no midi or PC connections. The device is not rackable as it's a foot pedal.


Using this chorus pedal is pretty easy overall. It only has two switches, depth and rate. This would seem to imply that there is little control to be had, but since it's a more subtle chorus effect than most, this is really all that you need for this pedal to work. It's almost an example of less-is-more. I didn't read the manual but you don't really need it at all to figure it out, it's pretty easy overall. There's nothing you can't figure out within a few minutes of using the pedal.


This pedal has an absolutely phenomenal sound to it. It's really subtle, which I prefer in a chorus as I kind of hate the sound of the 80s style deep chorus. I feel that it too often gets in the way of the guitar's tone. This is different, it's pretty subtle and sounds more like an EQ effect on the guitar which is what I like. It's definitely got more of a vintage feel to it. While it's not exactly a leslie simulator, it does have that old-school flavor to it. Cranking up the pedal itself will give you a more jarring effect but it still sounds really good.


Overall I'd highly recommend this pedal. It's not that expensive compared to some of the more expensive choruses out there. Overall you'd possibly end up paying a lot more for a far worse pedal depending on who makes it. I don't know all of Guyatone's pedals but I'm sure that there are other good ones out there considering the quality of this one! HIghly recommended for people looking for a less obvious chorus sound.