Belcat CHR-304 Chorus
Belcat CHR-304 Chorus

CHR-304 Chorus, Chorus chitarra from Belcat.

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mooseherman 24/03/2010

Belcat CHR-304 Chorus : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a digital chorus pedal. This pedal cannot be edited through a Mac/PC editor utility program. It also is not MIDI-controllable. This pedal is not rackable.


The editing on this pedal is pretty simple for the most part. It doesn't have all the features of some other choruses that I like, but it's still a nice pedal. There are controls for effect depth, rate, and delay time. The first two are a snap to figure out, the delay time effect sort of complicates things a bit. I think that it's really just an overall simple pedal.


Since nine times out of ten, I prefer the sound of analog over digital pedals (even though I might have problems with some other issues that come with analog), I was surprised to find that this pedal was surprisingly good. It was almost noiseless, which is what I first noticed about it. I also was surprised that the tone was as natural and restrained as it was. The sound of the actual guitar rang through, which is almost impossible with lesser digital choruses. It doesn't have any really wacky sounds either, which is good, because while those sounds can be fun, they have almost no practical application. This is capable of delivering only good-sounding, practical settings. There is barely any color added to the tone. I think that too much delay time can sometimes make the effect muddy, though, so using it requires a bit of patience and restraint.


This is a pretty solid pedal, it is a lot cheaper than some of the analog ones I like, and is far better than the digital choruses I've tried. The price is pretty reasonable, and better than most choruses. I don't know if I prefer it over some of the analog ones, so I think I'd recommend this to someone with less of a budget, who isn't going to use chorus much. Otherwise I'd go with something like the Bi-chorus by Analog Man.