Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro
Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro

AF100 Dobro, Chitarra Resofonica from Liberty Guitars.

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moosers 06/09/2009

Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro is an acoustic resonator guitar.  It has the standard make up of resonator guitar and isn't an electric of any sort as the body and metal resonators give it the unique sound that it has.  I'm not sure what type of material this guitar is made out of, but it is pretty sturdy and definitely feels good on your fingers.


The feel of the Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro is pretty great.  I usually play it with a metal slide if I am playing it in the normal guitar position or a Stevens bar if I want to play it on my lap, but I usually play it normally.  It is somewhat heavy as most resonator guitars are and the look and shape is pretty normal for a guitar like this.  Since this isn't an electric guitar, the sound that you get when you are playing it is pretty much what you get and it is up to you to change the sound with your playing.  I'm a big fan of the inherent tone of this guitar and I'd be surprised if most people didn't agree as the sound is full and rich.


The sound that is possible with the Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro is great all around in my opinion.  I have used it for recording only and every time that I have used it I've been happy with the results.  I usually use both a large diaphragm tube mic and a small diaphragm mic and this gets a pretty full sound that covers the spectrum of the instrument.  I've used a lot of different types of dobros before and the sound of this one is one of my favorite ones out there.


I've been using the Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro for about a year and it is definitely my go to resonator guitar for recording in the studio.  These are somewhat rare as I don't see them around too often, but if you can find one it wouldn't be too expensive as far as these types of guitars go.  If you are looking for a really nice dobro guitar that won't cost too much at all, the Liberty Guitars AF100 Dobro is one of the best out there that I have seen.