PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone
PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone
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ejendres 10/11/2011

PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone : Recensione di ejendres (content in English)

"Great Guitar"

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This is a PRS SE series guitar, which I believe are made in Korea. It features a maple 27.7" baritone neck with 22 frets and a bound Ebony fretboard. The fret board has no inlays (save side dots). The body is the typical PRS double cut shape. Its made of Mahogany and also bound.

This guitar has 2 humbuckers, a master volume and master tone, and a 3 position blade switch.

The bridge is a hardtail strat style bridge, with the strings through the body.

The one I have experience with has the Silverburst finish, its seriously gorgeous.

This guitar is exceptionally well made when compared with other Korean guitars I've played, from the fret dressing to the finished everything is spot on. Even the factory setup is excellent. I was shocked.


The upper fret access is great and it has the typical PRS cutaway on the lower horn to make access even easier.

The guitar itself is really well balance, with a 27.7" scale I expect it to be neck heavy but it was not at all.

The neck is really nice, and its not one of the typical PRS profiles.


Stock this guitar is uninspiring to say the least. The stock bridge pickup is really dark and muddy, not at all the kind of pickup you want in a baritone guitar. The stock neck pickup is decent, just kind of flat sounding. Like its not bad, just nothing special.

That said, the quality of everything else in the guitar leads me to believe that with a pickup swap it could sound exceptional. It is a very well made guitar.


The only mark against this guitar is the pickups. They are a bland, muddy, poor excuse for pickups. Everything else is excellent though. The factory setup was amazing, super low action with no buzz, the finish is flawless, and the hardware is solid. At about $625 new its a great deal, even with the need for new pickups.

If you're in the market for a great looking and playing Baritone I would highly recommend this one. Drop a couple extra dollars on decent pickups and you have an excellent guitar for well under $800 new. That is a great deal, especially considering its one of the few midgrade baritone guitars out there.