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iamqman 13/09/2011

Ibanez RG270 : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Good price"

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Ibanez is one of those companies and makes very inexpensive and budget friendly guitars and musical equipment such as amplifiers and effects pedals for the budgted musician at hand. It excel in a creating such a high demand and a great market for good sounding and playable music equipment. Their guitars have been use by musicians all over the world and many professional musicians as well. They provide very accurate and easy and comfortable guitars better inexpensive but still retain high-quality playability factors.


Neck Type Wizard II 24 fret maple with rose wood fret board
Body Basswood
Frets Jumbo
Bridge Single Locking Floyd Rose design
Neck Pickup Powersound Humbucker
Middle Pickup Powersound Single Coil
Bridge Pickup
Powersound Humbucker


This particular guitar features 24 frets with two humbuckers and one single will pick up in the middle between the two humbucker pick ups. This is a pretty versatile guitar as far as the pick up come because you have any variance of different pick ups located throughout the body of the guitar. So with the two humbucker pickups and the single coil pickup you can get some great versatile tones depending on how you select your pick ups. You also get a Floyd Rose bridge which gives you the ability to squeal off some nice tremolo octave pitching.

The tone is guitar is not that great of the tone but it does provide the user a great playable guitar for a very inexpensive price. The neck is very fluid and smooth and very comfortable to the touch. It makes it very easy to play chords and single note racing for soloing on this guitar. It's a very overall fun guitar to play because of its comfort ability and just perfect balance. I see perfect balance because it's very balanced towards hard rock and metal but not extremely balanced towards medium to low rock music or pop music. This is the kind guitar a hard rock or someone he's learning how to play the guitar because it's such an easy guitar play.

These guitars working pretty much any amplifier setting whether it's a clean amplifier I get amplifier. However, I would suggest that the best way this guitar sound would be through a high gain amp such as a marshal amplifier or a Mesa boogie amplifier or anything in that kind of range. These guitars really excels when you get a lot of distortion behind them and really pushing good feel and drive in the tone.


These guitars I have been discontinued now for a while but you can find the on the used section or in the classifieds fairly easy. I've seen them hover and go a ride around the range of $200 which is an exceptional price for a great sounding an playable guitar. I had a recommend this to anyone is looking for a good shredder guitar or someone is looking to pick up the guitar for the first time at a budget price.