Blade RH-2 LH
Blade RH-2 LH

RH-2 LH, Chitarra elettrica mancina from Blade in the Classic series.

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Audiofanzine FR 05/11/2008

Blade RH-2 LH : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by jackez29/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Blade is a Swiss brand founded by Gary Levinson. The guitar is a perfect Strat clone regarding the body and head shaping, unlike the current models available (the head has been reshaped most probably due to lobbying of some kind...).

This guitar was made in 1996. It has an ash body and maple neck with ebony fingerboard (not like the pictured guitar). Mine has a transparent honey finish (like the one on the picture). All hardware is gold-plated
and the neck has 22 jumbo frets. The RH2 is equipped with 3 Levinson pickups (two single coils and one humbucker). I upgraded mine with 2 Fender Lace Sensor single coils and one Seymour SH4 (aka Jeff Beck) humbucker.
The guitar has a Strat-like 5-position toggle switch, one volume knob and one tone control.

It also has an active VSC (Variable Spectrum Control) system developed by Gary Levinson providing an additional 3-position mini switch above the toggle switch. In the center position, the VSC system is disabled and the pickups operation is passive. The other positions give either a boost in the lows and highs or in the mids. When you play live on stage, it's ideal to boost the guitar tone for solo playing. The system runs on a 9 volt battery, which resides in a compartment on the back of the body.

It has Levinson locking machine heads. The Strat-like tremolo bridge is ok for common use but it is not conceived for extreme manipulations (it's not a Floyd Rose).
The wood is very thick which is great for the instrument's sustain but somewhat of a problem when it comes to weight (it is slightly heavier than a Strat).
I give it a 9


The body resembles a Strat. The neck is flat and comfortable and it allows you to play very fast, thanks also to the low strings action. Access to the upper frets is easy, better than on a standard Strat because the heel is slimmer.
The sound is very versatile. The single coils produce a clear Strat-like tone, particularly the out-of-phase 2 and 4 Strat positions. The Lace Sensor doesn't produce any noise in stark contrast to the vintage Strat pickups! Hats off!


Thanks to its comprehensive features (see above), the Blade RH2 fits all music styles. Wonderful clean sound and plenty of power with the humbucker...
I have used it with different setups (with a tube amp, with a preamp directly connected to the mixer) and I've never been disappointed.


I've been playing it for 10 years. The only thing that annoys me is its weight (it's much heavier than a Music Man or a Vigier, for example). Its value for money is excellent.