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Audiofanzine FR 09/03/2009

Vantage VSH-455 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Value For Money : Excellent
(Originally written by coranglet/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Semi hollowbody guitar with Gibson 335 shape.

Made in Japan in the early 80's (1982 in my case).

Beautiful look, good finish.

22-fret neck, two splittable humbucker pickups.

Gibson-style hardware, sealed lubricated Vantage machine heads.


Very comfortable neck. It's slimmer than a 335 neck and perhaps also flatter.

Same access to the upper frets and same dimensions as the 335.

The original sound is ok (even good). I upgraded the pickups with a Seymour Duncan SH1 and a Gibson 498T. The sound has more character. I've owned this instrument for many years and I like it. I never wanted to sell it again. When I bought it I think brands like Vantage wanted to make a name for themselves with affordable instruments in the high-quality guitar market. I think this guitar is to Gibson what the Squier is to Fender (although Squier guitars look more like Fender). And that's quite normal considering that Squier is a Fender brand (I'm talking about the first Squier models).

But this guitar also has it own features (its looks for one)... and the 335 is inimitable! It's a very good alternative if you don't want to invest a fortune in a Gibson 335. I know what I'm talking about!


You can play everything with this guitar, except heavy metal because the semi-hollow body makes it prone to feedbacks (but I have never tried it)!

I played the guitar with very different amps and the sound was good!

The splittable pickups allow you to get a thinner sound but I don't like split humbuckers that much: when I want a single coil sound I play my Fender!


I guess this guitar was discontinued. It had an excellent value for money when I bought it.

I tested the real 335 before buying it but the difference in price was too much!

If you see it anywhere, try it out!

I give it a 9.