Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005]

Standard Telecaster [1990-2005], Chitarra Corpo tipo Telecaster from Fender in the Standard Telecaster series.

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JackLudden 12/08/2008

Fender Standard Telecaster [1990-2005] : Recensione di JackLudden (content in English)


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This is the Fender telecaster that is manufactured in Mexico. It has 22 frets, as well as the standard telecaster setup as far as bridge and pickups. The simple bridge and the two pickups - one standard single coil and one of the lipstick types. It's got a volume knob and a tone knob for bass/treble balance. In addition, there is a pickup selector for switching between each pickup or both. The neck is a blonde hardwood.


All of the telecaster makes seem to play quite nicely - even down to the Squier variety. The neck has a very smooth feel that is great to play. There is a large cut in the body on the telecaster so access to those high notes is easy. The design is very ergonomic for standing or sitting. Telecasters have a very distinct sound - so if you like the sound of a telecaster then it won't be hard to dial up something you like.


The telecaster is generally best suited for country music, and certain kinds of pop or alternative where you want sort of a twangier or more jangly sound. This is where the telecaster shines. This particular make though - the mexican manufactured one - is definitely a bit inferior to the american counterpart. The american guitar is built more solidly, and it's easier to get a nice sustain on it. The mexican version uses cheaper wood and components, so the sound does suffer a bit. However - this guitar still generally sounds good. The best sounds seem to be clean or with perhaps light distortion, on twangy lead lines or light chord comping. The new age wall of distorted guitar comes through a bit weak when played with a telecaster however.


I've had one of these for about 3 years. I like the easy, smooth playability and its unique twangy tone. A caveat is it's relative lack of versatility when compared to say a stratocaster. However, used in the right context - telecasters sound really great. I've tried a wide variety of electric guitars. Since it's mexican made, you save a few hundred bucks. If you're really a stickler for great sound, it's probably worth the extra money for an american telecaster. But if you're a newer guitar player - this is still a great deal and a nice sounding guitar. At this point I personally would opt for the American version, but this guitar is still not bad at all.