Fender Special Edition Aerodyne Telecaster [2005-2006]
Fender Special Edition Aerodyne Telecaster [2005-2006]

Special Edition Aerodyne Telecaster [2005-2006], Chitarra Corpo tipo Telecaster from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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tjon901 13/09/2011

Fender Special Edition Aerodyne Telecaster [2005-2006] : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Another great Japanese made Fender"

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Fender Japan is always making cool stuff. This is the latest in a line of cool Fenders from overseas. This is the Aerodyne Telecaster. The Aerodyne guitars are a series of black guitar with white binding that kind of come out Les Paul like. I really like the layout of this Tele. You get an arch top basswood body with a bolt on maple neck and rosewood fretboard. You get a 7.25 radius on the fretboard but it comes with big frets that help you out. The pickups make this thing great. I am not a fan of the traditional Telecaster neck pickup so the P90 in the neck is great. The bridge pickup is the traditional Telecaster setup but the bridge is not the ashtray design so it is more comfortable to play. The bridge is a flat design and it has 6 saddles so you can intonate the guitar properly. In the controls you get a master tone and master volume with a 3 way toggle on the upper bout like a Les Paul.


This guitar has a little better feel than a normal Tele. You still have the crazy round 7.25 radius but this guitar comes with big frets that help you still be able to dig in and play leads on it. The bridge is a modern tele design so it is very comfortable to play. It does not have raised edges on it so it does not get in the way of your hand or dig into your hand. The arched top body means you do not have to reach around the body to play. It is not a slab body like on an old Telecaster.


This tele has some tone. The neck pickup on a normal tele usually has a weak thin sound but replacing it with the P90 was genius. Now you get your single coil twang with the low and and bottom fullness of a P90. It is a great way to give your tele some weight in its tone. With both the pickups on in the traditional Telecaster position you get a very full sound. The bridge pickup is pure tele twang and with the p90 you get a really big sound that still has the twang. This is a great sounding guitar.


Fender should make more original designs like these instead of putting out endless reissues. This is a great creative new design out of Fender Japan and I hope there are more to come. This is a great sounding and feeling guitar. The P90 puts the sound over the top and the arched top body makes it very comfortable to play. If you are looking for a Telecaster that is something not the same as everything else the Aerodyne Telecaster is a good options.