Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006]
Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006]

American Telecaster HH [2005-2006], Chitarra Corpo tipo Telecaster from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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iamqman 18/08/2011

Fender American Telecaster HH [2005-2006] : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Wrong picture"

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The Fender telecaster is one of the most easily recognizable guitars in the world. They have a great look it's very established look and have an exceptional sound. These guitars celebrate the 1952 edition of these guitars. This is a reissue of the 52 that was one of the best feeling him playing Fender telecaster's that they have ever built.


This has a great look at great feel to it as well as an exceptional sound. This is a kind of guitar that is to be featured on a lot of pop and rock leave and country guitar players bands and will get a solid sparkly warm tone. This guitar features two single coil pickups which are alnico V pick ups. Generally the Alnico pickup's are quite exceptional and they get a good robust tone. However I've never been a fan of Fender pick ups so I personally would replace these pick up with some Alnico V from Seymour Duncan. This guitar features a simple slider pick up selector and it has a volume and a tone control and that is far as far as it goes with features.


The tone invoicing of this guitar is extremely unique but easily workable in most modern rock pop and country music. It does have single coils in it so it's not good to be a hard rock players guitar but it certainly can get a good tone that sustains very uniquely and different from the Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. It's kind of hard to describe the sustain feel of this guitar but it is something that feels distinct and proper for a are unique sustain that you would necessarily expect if you've ever played Fender Stratocaster because it has its own feeling going on. The neck is extremely fast and great for soloing and lead playing and body just resonates very well when you have some proper pickups installed and have a good overdrive kicking in your amplifier.

I would play the guitar with him any pop or rock band that I was in or even some clean country bluesy type tones. This guitars pretty versatile and probably why it has sustained so long since its original creation. This guitar is celebrating with this re-issue over 55+ years of of virtually unchanged features and look.


I recommend every guitar player to own at least one fender telecaster. They are great guitars and they will blend in with the rest of your guitar collection and amplifier in gear collection. At new these guitars are only priced in a white around $1000 which is a great deal for an American made classic Fender guitar. This is a guitar that will last a lifetime and will serve its purpose and needs quite well. To great digging guitar and the guitar stays grip perfectly in tune.